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About Physician Leader Group

Physician Leader Group (PLG) is a multidisciplinary coaching and consulting group founded by Ashley Wendel, M.A. We are dedicated to building effective physician leaders that can engage with their colleagues to drive change.


PLG has a core group of Strategic Partners with whom we collaborate, that bring deep expertise in healthcare delivery, physician culture, individual and team coaching, change management, organizational design and development, educational design and delivery, and human performance. 

Ashley also spent a number of years working in the corporate sector for the management consulting firm Accenture as a Senior Organization and Human Performance Consultant, specializing in Change Management and Organizational Development for Fortune 100 companies.   She partnered with a wide variety of executives and teams - both nationally and globally - to lead change management efforts and drive successful implementation and adoption of multi-million dollar organizational initiatives.  During her tenure with Accenture, Ashley’s clients included Motorola, Ericsson, 3M, Sun Microsystems, Applied Materials, Gateway, United Healthcare, and Accenture. 

To further her love of working with individuals in healthcare, Ashley pursued and became a Certified Physician Development Coach, with studies done via the Physician Coaching Institute (USA).  She is also a Certified Master Coach, holding a Graduate Certificate of Applied Coaching from the Behavioral Coaching Institute, based out of the U.K.  All of her coaching training has been accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In 2007 Ashley founded Physician Leader Group, a coaching and consulting practice which specializes in working with physicians, their teams and organizational leadership.  As a Physician Executive Coach, Ashley partners with physicians in positions of leadership within their hospitals or health systems (e.g., CMOs, Chiefs, Medical Directors) who are looking to build their core skills in communication, team leadership, conflict resolution, EQ development, influence, and expert management of change. Ashley applies many of the human performance principles she practiced while coaching executives as a consultant for Accenture.  She helps executives work together with their physicians to maximize the investment made in physician development. 

In 2009, Ashley partnered with Dr. Fredric Tobis to develop the Center for Physician Leadership, an organization dedicated to building physician leadership through customized development programs, individual coaching with physician leaders and their teams, and strategic consulting with hospital and health system leadership.  Ashley and Dr. Tobis specialize in teaching physicians how to be more effective leaders, and helping organizations find new and innovative ways to build physician leadership, enhance team effectiveness, and drive change within their complex health organizations.  


Recent and current clients include:  Sound Physicians, Sutter Health, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Covenant Health, St. Joseph’s Health, St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Benaroya Research Institute, and Covenant Children’s Hospital. Individual physician coaching clients have included men and women from multiple specialties: Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Hospitalist Medicine, Infectious Disease, General Surgery, Radiology, Occupational Medicine, and Cardiology.


Ashley Wendel can be reached at (619) 746-4405 (PST) or


To see Ashley’s full LinkedIn Profile:

About Physician Leader Group's Founder and Principal, Ashley Wendel, M.A.

Ashley Wendel is a Physician Executive Coach and Healthcare Organizational Consultant dedicated to helping physicians become more effective leaders and create meaningful, sustainable change that positively impacts their colleagues, patients and community.


Ashley received a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Behavioral Medicine, and spent 7+ years studying and working in the areas of clinical diagnostics, neuropsychological assessment, quantitative/qualitative research design and delivery, and medical behavioral intervention.

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