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Webinar Series - April 2020:  Leading During Challenging Times

These 30-minute talks were designed for physician leaders in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

They focus on tangible strategies for leading through this very difficult time.

Part 1:  Taking Care of Ourselves So We Can 

Take Care of Others

Part one of this webinar series focused on leaders’ own challenges, emotions and self-care.​

Main learning points include:

  • Recognizing the emotional challenges that you and all other clinicians are facing during this time of uncertainty, and how that manifests


  • Understanding how our narrative and the way we frame our experience affects our behavior and ability to lead


  • Identifying how to practice "good emotional hygiene" as a means to actively cope with the uncertainty and challenges of this experience

This video has been deleted.

Part 2:  Taking Care of Each Other

Part two of this webinar series focused on the skills needed to take care of your team in difficult circumstances.

Main learning points include:

  • Why it is critical as leaders to help yourself first, and what that means


  • The importance of creating psychological safety in your group and how to do that 


  • How your communication acts as a crucial conduit during challenging times, and how to do it effectively 

April 2020 Leader Resilience Webinar - Part 2

April 2020 Leader Resilience Webinar - Part 2

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