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Physician Leadership Strategy and Program Development

As part of the Center for Physician Leadership, PLG partners with physician and administrative leaders in health systems and hospitals to create and implement a highly tailored physician leadership strategy and development program that reflects the unique culture and needs of their group. 

We work closely with our client partners to create a sustainable strategy that is tied directly to organizational Goals, Mission & Vision. We help lead the conversation around which level of physician leaders need primary focus and where to begin, based on business need and outcomes desired.  We ensure that the strategy is integrated into established organizational processes and fits your unique culture. Our Physician Leadership Development Solutions are built in alignment with your organization's defined leadership competencies, and with the involvement of the physicians and other key stakeholders.

Physician Leadership Program Design and Delivery

We design, develop, and deliver customized Physician Leadership Development Programs that support the organization's PL Strategy and provide their physician leaders with the skills and tools they need to be effective as influencers of change.  Our programs are driven by the client's unique need, and include (but are not limited to):

  • Full program all-day sessions run across a series of months​

  • Full-day and 2-day workshops

  • Half-day educational seminars

  • Interactive webinars

VIDEO:  Physician Leadership Program in Action

The "Introduction to Physician Leadership (IPL) Program that CPL/PLG developed and delivered in partnership with Sutter Health

In 2016 Sutter Health was named one of "Top 10 Physician Leadership Programs" in the country

We know that great leaders develop a broad set of skills to work up and down multiple levels of an organization and across multiple healthcare silos. As a physician leader rises in official responsibility, relationship building, communication, and interpersonal skills drive success.

Physician leadership challenges we address in our programs include (but are not limited to):

  • Shifting the physician leader mindset from “fixer” to “facilitator”

  • Thriving during rapid change

  • Building and embedding a collaborative culture

  • Seeing the potential in conflict

  • Becoming effective communicators

  • Building colleague and team engagement

  • Creating an environment of empowerment and optimism

  • Building resilience in themselves and their teams

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Some of Our Physician Leader Program Graduates

20160604_153431 (1)

What They've Said About Our Programs

“There was so much that could be applied right away.” 

“Impressive and directly applicable to medical leadership challenges.” 

“IPL is the best program I’ve attended in my medical career.”

"This course ranks up there as one of the single most life altering 4 day courses I have ever taken and have already seen the benefits in my administrative activities."

"Ashley and Fred work brilliantly together, know the material inside and out, and artfully draw upon the skills and experiences of those in the room to create and dynamic, thought provoking, and productive learning environment. Highly recommended!"

"This class series is perhaps the most productive and meaningful course I have taken in all my education."

"Excellent course! Thank you so much! I appreciate your time and effort!"

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