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Physician Leader Coaching

We understand the physician mindset and the cultural barriers that can make change difficult. Our years of experience also give us tremendous insight into the strengths that physicians have that can translate into strong leadership capability when channeled the right way.


At the core of our coaching approach is a structured methodology that facilitates this process and supports professional growth. PLG's coaching work is results-driven, and includes these core elements: 

Why Choose Physician Leader Group for Your Coaching Needs?

  • Assessment (including the use of a variety of psychometric instruments and in-depth 360 feedback)

  • Action Planning (setting high level development goals and metrics, and creating the action plan that will guide and direct activities for change) 

  • Implementation (regular coaching sessions and discussion of progress against action items)

  • Re-Assessment (reflecting and re-assessing the progress made, skills developed, and goals/objectives achieved, and determining next steps)  

Blending our deep experience and expertise in clinical psychology and organization & human performance, we have the skill and the knowledge-base to expertly guide physicians and their teams through the cultural and behavioral challenges that keep them from being effective.  At Physician Leader Group we help physicians improve performance and become the kind of leaders that they want, and need, to be.

"In an era when many physicians are moving from full-time clinical practice of either part-time or full-time administrative duties, it is imperative that they have some form of coaching to make that transition seamlessly. While most physicians feel that they have an adequate amount of training to fulfill an administrative role, it quickly becomes apparent that there are simply portions of the job that we never learned in medical school, residency, or clinical practice. To become an effective administrator, physicians need to go on a steep learning curve to master the skills that will make them successful in their new endeavors. Ashley Wendel with Physician Leader Group, has made me a much more successful physician executive by dramatically shortening the time in which I was able to master these new skills."

Craig Rhyne, MD - Regional Chief Medical Officer, Covenant Health

"Ashley's approach to coaching is highly professional and organized and at the same time very creative and tailored to the individual. She has the knack to address difficult and challenging topics appropriately and provides lots of supportive tools, ideas and strategies that are extremely useful beyond the professional and personal impacts of a transition from a clinical to a commercial role. I can highly recommend her - thanks, Ashley!"

Kristin Schmiedehausen, MD - Chief Medical Officer, Adaptix

"I've had the opportunity to work with Ashley and Physician Leader Group on a few differing engagements. What I find refreshing is Ashley's curiosity regarding the circumstances involved with the situations in which she is peripherally involved. I believe that's given her better insight and led to a great deal more success than even I anticipated. She also is very realistic in her assessments and doesn't make promises she cannot keep. I've enjoyed working with her and would recommend her in future coaching engagements with my team."

Gregory Johnson, MD - Chief Medical Officer, Gulf Region for Sound Physicians

Dyad Partnership Coaching

PLG's Dyad Coaching is designed to cultivate a more robust demonstration of partnership, respect, roles, accountability and communication between the physician and their administrative counterpart. It helps partners create a shared mindset of the purpose and benefits of dyad leadership, enhances interpersonal relationships in the areas of communication, trust and conflict, improves critical decision-making ability (both individually and collectively), and builds overall team effectiveness.  

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