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Strategic Communication and Engagement Consulting

One of the biggest challenges that we have during times of change is ensuring that we are engaging the people who are going to be responsible for the change's adoption and sustainability.
Unfortunately, many physicians are reluctant to participate in any kind of change process and organizations often struggle with how to best communicate with their doctors in a way that is impactful and that creates buy-in.

We help you apply our top 5 "rules for communication" during change:

Physician Leader Group works with you to build Communication and Involvement Strategies that help build physician engagement and buy-in, and minimize resistance.   

1. Be realistic about the change's impact on people's jobs and/or work environment... be honest, but positive, in your framing

Our goal is to help your organization realize positive results during change, including:​​

  • Clear and consistent messaging that clarifies the vision, rationale and process for the change

  • Communication that is driven by a clear understanding of how the change impacts each stakeholder group, what their resistance points may be, and how to best engage with them

  • Setting of expectations for impacted stakeholders as to exactly what the change will deliver

  • Ability to control the flow of information in order to minimize anxiety and keep misinformation from spreading

  • Improved involvement from your stakeholders based on an understanding of "what's in it for them" and a willingness to partner in the change effort

"On behalf of Covenant Health System, I'm pleased to endorse Ashley Wendel and Physician Leader Group as a valued business partner. Over the past two years we have engaged Ashley as a physician executive coach and also as our primary change management consultant for our Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation. As an executive coach, Ashley has been extremely successful in helping our Chief Medical Officer transition from his medical practice to a very demanding administrative role. Ashley brings great talent in helping physicians navigate the steep learning curve of this transition. As a change management consultant, Ashley was engaged late in the game during our EHR implementation to help us overcome several organization and structure challenges. In short order, Ashley was able to help our team diagnose potential gaps and establish a working structure that enabled our implementation to proceed successfully. In both engagements, Ashley helped our organization realize positive outcomes."

Troy Thibodeaux

Former CEO, Covenant Health

"I have worked with Ashley extensively on the Board of Directors of a non-profit, the Behavioral Diabetes Institute. Ashley is very skilled in organizational dynamics and has helped the Board become more effective and focused. She is is a great facilitator, strategist, and communicator.​"

Jerry Penso, MD

President & CEO, American Medical Group Association (AMGA)

"As a consultant, Ashley applies a facilitative style that resonates well with her clients. She has a great approach in team settings that allows her to get the best thinking out of each team member, maximizing productivity and effectiveness while still helping the team achieve desired outcomes. Two thumbs up!"

Clarissa Del Mundo Riggins

VP, Product Development


"Thanks to Ashley's dynamic guidance, our moribund organization has been brought back to life. Her insight, enthusiasm, ability to ask probing questions, and adept organizational and planning skills have made an enormous difference to our company. She has helped us move quickly from talking about change to actually making things happen. She would be a great gift as a consultant to any company."

William Polonsky, Ph.D

President & Founder, Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI)

At PLG we know that effective communication is the life-line during change. We enable you  to communicate in ways that are timely, relevant and meaningful, and that foster sustainable change.
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