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Case Study: Team Intervention and Performance Improvement with Sound Physicians

Team of 24 Hospitalists / 2 Clinical Performance Nurses / 1 Site Coordinator / Regional Medical Director / Geographic Vice President of Operations / Regional Chief Medical Officer

PLG worked directly with a 26-person Hospitalist care team at a large regional medical center over the course of one year, with the goal of improving the team’s working dynamics, performance metrics and rate of turnover. With a 5-Step process, including assessments, in-person working sessions and post-intervention follow-up, PLG was able to help this struggling team to align and recalibrate, and improve team leadership, engagement, communication, and overall dynamics.






Improvements in two key performance metrics as well as improvements in recruiting and a decrease in team turnover demonstrated the sustainable impact of the intervention on the team's cohesion and overall performance.

Data gathered during and six-months post- intervention indicated:

  • A significant improvement in the team’s assessment of its overall functioning with 40% of the team rating it a 9 out of 10 or higher (and 68% rating it an 8 out of 10 or higher)

  • A higher level of physician engagement

  • A decrease in team turnover

  • A 13% improvement in the team’s HCAHP scores

  • A decrease in the team’s overall Length of Stay (improvement in O/E LOS of .22)

  • An overall Length of Stay metric less than the national average (3.85 days)


To download a complete case study of the intervention done with this clinical team, click the PDF below:

Physician Leader Group’s (PLG) Team Diagnostic and Performance Improvement Approach

Learn how a national provider of acute care medicine solutions transformed one of their Hospitalist Medicine teams through PLG’s diagnostic, 5-step approach to improving team performance

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