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Clinical and Executive Team Development

Clinical Team Development

Physician Leader Group's Clinical Team Development work is designed to help groups function at their peak performance, and is customized for the needs of the team and of the organization. With our proven 5-Step Approach to Team Development, we utilize both individual and group assessments to identify team strengths and areas of challenge, and to help navigate the team dysfunctions that can keep groups from performing. Through PLG's expert guidance, we build team cohesion by working together to define the group's Purpose, to uncover (and resolve) team conflicts, to get clarity on their shared goals and desired outcomes, and to gather agreement on what results look like.

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We offer teams the space to develop clarity around roles, to define ground rules that build mutual accountability, and to collaborate on key decisions. We help develop high-performing teams that have the trust, communication ability, conflict ability, and clarity of purpose and approach that ensures results. Click here to see a recent case study of PLG's team-based intervention and the results achieved.


Executive Team Development

In today's rapidly changing healthcare environment it is not uncommon for executive teams to struggle with team cohesion and decision-making, even if they've been intact for years.  At PLG, we work directly with senior level administrators and their partners to enhance the overall functioning of the team and to enable critical results.  Our team interventions focus on typical issues we often see in executive teams: lack of trust among team members, siloed work efforts and a lack of true collaboration, a lack of open dialogue and/or appropriate "push-back" between team members, and perceptions of inequity among the group. 

Our development process is structured and guides executive teams through three critical phases:


Addressing the Issues - using a combination of assessment measures, interviews and group working sessions


Building Alignment - identifying and coming to agreement on the team's Purpose/Mission, High Level Goals, Roles and Dependencies and Team Ground Rules

Ensuring Sustainability - following up and providing opportunities for continued dialogue on team functioning and cohesion

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